2023 Boise NLS – A Staff Perspective

The National Leadership Seminar (NLS) is the premier training program of the Order of the Arrow focused on leadership development and hosted by the region each year. This year, the closest NLS course to our section was held in Boise, ID on March 31 – April 2, 2023. Several Arrowmen from Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge attended the training as learners, where they took an in-depth look into different leadership skills and techniques and how those skills can be applied to their role in the OA and other aspects of their life. 

Three members of our section leadership also attended the event on staff. Staffing an NLS is a completely different and rewarding experience. Check out what some of these staff members had to say about their NLS staffing experience.

At the Boise NLS, I had the opportunity to staff this course and be a crew guide for the illustrious crew 6. With this being my second time I staffed a course, I knew a little about what to expect. From the staff side, there were various staff meetings throughout the day to ensure we were ready for the next set of sessions. Friday started with general introductions and our first set of sessions to prep our learners for what was ahead for the weekend. To end off the long Friday for the staff we had a bonding activity together to learn more about each other. Saturday consisted of a spread of sessions that continued to provide the resources for the learners. The day ended with the Everest Challenger, which was a culmination of the weekend. I am proud to say that crew 6 was able to summit Everest successfully and they are a wonderful group that will be amazing leaders in the future. We still had a few more sessions Sunday and the closing ceremony. The overall experience staffing NLS has been rewarding to see the growth in the learners and to see that the future of our organization is in great hands.

When I was given the opportunity to staff an NLS, let alone one as close as Boise, I was overjoyed to be given the chance. I had the privilege of being the crew guide for lucky number crew 7, and we had a great time! Being staff for an NLS is something you don’t experience otherwise; from the staff meetings and the introductions to the lifelong friendships I have now. We started going through the sessions and realized how much they impact us as leaders. This all ended with the Everest Challenger, where I am happy to say that ALL of crew 7 was able to summit, besides them wanting to leave me behind… 🙂 Overall, staffing an NLS was an experience I will never forget, and being able to see the learners grow is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Thank you to all the staff across the Gateway Region who make these amazing training programs possible for our Arrowmen.