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Weekend Schedule

Click the button below to view the conclave schedule. 

NOTE: A printed schedule will be included in your registration packet. The schedule will also be available through the conclave mobile app and will be updated throughout the event. 

Camping at Conclave

Participants will need to bring their own tents to conclave. There will be a designated area for tent camping. The camping area is open field camping. 

CPAP Users

Indoor sleeping accommodations are not available at Rogue Community College. There will be a section  

If you use a CPAP, there will be an area of the camping field with power access or your may bring your own battery. We will have a place where you can charge your battery during the day. CPAP users will need to bring their own extension cord to run from the power outlets to their tents. 

RVs & Camp Trailers

Participants may bring their RVs and trailers to conclave. RVs and trailers should be parked in one of the two main parking lots at the south end of campus. Staff can assist you after check-in, if needed. There will be no access to power, water, or sewer disposal so all RVs/trailers must be fully self-contained.

If you have questions about bringing your RV/trailer to conclave, please contact

Packing List

We want every Arrowman attending conclave to be prepared for the event. While we expect most Scouts and Scouters can figure out on their own what gear they need for a weekend OA event, we have added a few important things below.

A few notes about Rogue Community College that may assist you with your packing and preparations: 

  • There are no sleeping accommodations onsite. Participants will need to bring personal tents or RVs/trailers.
  • There are no showers available.
  • Eat before you arrive on Friday night. The first meal is breakfast on Saturday. 
  • Shows, activities, and some training sessions are located outside with little to no seating available. Please bring your own chair to the event or plan to stand or sit on the ground. 

Arrival & Check-In

Check-In Procedures

Check-in will begin at 6:00 PM on Friday. Please do not arrive sooner than this time (unless on staff or have permission) as our registration team will not be ready for your arrival. The check-in tent will be open from 6:00 – 11:00 PM on Friday night and from 6:00 – 8:00 AM on Saturday morning.

When you arrive at RCC, enter campus from the West Entrance off of US 199. Keep right at the road fork and follow the road around where you will be greeted by our registration team near the football/soccer field (see arrival map below).

There is a limited amount of parking near the football field. The registration greeters will give each vehicle a time-stamped parking pass good for 15 minutes. Once you have a parking pass, you may park in a nearby parking space, quickly unload your gear to the camping field, and check-in. If possible, the driver should move their vehicle to the main parking lots while the rest of the vehicle’s participants are checking in and come back to check themselves in. This will help to open up the limited parking spaces faster for other people arriving.

All participants will be checked in individually. During check-in, you will turn in your medical form, pay any outstanding fees, and receive your registration packet. You registration packet will include your conclave name badge and lanyard (conclave credentials), a schedule and map, and other important information for the weekend. Participants must have their conclave credentials to receive conclave meals and participate in program. If you don’t have your conclave name badge, you are not checked in!

Late Arrivals

If you arrive after 8:00 AM on Saturday morning, please park in one of the main parking lots and check in at Conclave HQ (John Day “J” Building). 


There is plenty of parking located on the south end of campus in two large parking lots. 

Medical Forms

All participants of Scouting activities lasting less than 72 hours must have a complete BSA Annual Health and Medical Record, Part A & B. This health form is filled out by the participant and/or their parent/guardian and provides important information for our conclave medical staff in the event of an emergency. Medical forms are good for one year from the date on the front of the form. 

Please bring a printed copy of your medical form complete, filled out, and signed with you to conclave. It is required to check-in. We must have a printed copy. Electronic copies will not be accepted. 

How to Speed Up Your Check-In

Checking in 300 Arrowmen in just a few hours is no easy task. Our registration staff will be ready and waiting excitedly to check you in at conclave, but we need your help to make things go smoothly. 

Be Prepared with everything you need to check in at conclave. 

  • REGISTER: Make sure that you registered before the event. It is REQUIRED and walk-ins will not be accepted. We don’t want to turn anyone away, especially if you traveled several hours to Grants Pass. 
  • PAY: Pay before you arrive if you can. You can pay online anytime (even months after registering online) by logging back into NOAERS and paying your balance. 
  • BE YPT COMPLIANT: If you are 18 or older, make sure your Youth Protection Training is current. If your YPT date is incorrect in your registration (NOAERS) profile or you have been contacted by the registration staff, please bring a copy of your YPT certificate. 
  • BE BSA REGISTERED: As of September 1, 2023, all adults (18+) staying overnight in connection with a Scouting activity must be currently registered in an adult, fee-required position with the BSA. BSA registration is checked by our registration team and those found to not be in compliance will be notified to correct the issue or prior to checking in at conclave. 
  • MEDICAL FORM: Have a printed copy of your complete and signed BSA Annual Health and Medical Record Part A & B ready when you arrive. 

Having these things ready when you arrive will significantly speed up your check-in, meaning you spend less time in line and more time meeting new friends and having fun. 

Directions to Rogue Community College

From the North (Portland/Salem/Eugene/Roseburg)

  • Take I-5 South to Grants Pass
  • Take Exit 58 for OR-99 S/NW 6th St
  • Continue on NW 6th St and US-199 S to RCC

From the South (Medford/Ashland)

  • Take I-5 North to Grants Pass
  • Take Exit 55 for US-199 S/Redwood Hwy
  • Continue on US-199 S/Redwood Hwy to RCC