2018 Comms Retreat Recap

On the weekend of November 2-4, 2018, the Section W-1S Communications Team held their first ever retreat in Corvallis, OR. Members of the team, the section chief, and section adviser all gathered for a weekend of training, planning, and fellowship.

The comms team, led by Section Secretary Ethan Jones, set goals for the year, developed ideas for content, and discussed ways to improved overall communication in the section.

Some of the highlights from the retreat include:

  • Set expectations for members of the team to increase productivity
  • Developed new branding guidelines to help promote the section brand
  • Planned enhancements to the website including a new online trading post to be released in mid-2019.
  • Reviewed feedback from Arrowmen on ways to improve the team and section communications
  • Made plans for expanding the team
  • Committed to being more proactive and work more closely with other section and lodge leaders throughout the year.

While there is still a lot of work to be done, the comms team is ready for 2019 and is committed to providing the best customer service to the Arrowmen of the section and members of the scouting community.