Get Involved in the Section

Getting involved in the Order of the Arrow is one of the best experiences and opportunities provided in Scouting. The OA’s programs are primarily local and those interested in volunteering should consider the local level with your chapter or lodge first. 

If you are interested in the next level of leadership and service, consider volunteering at the section level. There are several opportunities to get involved in the section. 

This page contains a list of current volunteer positions and opportunities that are available in the section. The section relies on a dedicated team of both youth and adult volunteers to ensure the successful operation of its programs. The section is incredibly grateful to these volunteers and for your intertest in lending some of your time and talent to the section. 

Available Positions

Please note that the amount of time required is just an estimate and may increase or decrease depending on project needs and time of year. Each committee’s leadership will work with you to determine a level of commitment that fits into your schedule. 

Conclave Activity Staff

Conclave activity staff serve on Saturday of conclave with the set up, operation, and tear down of conclave activities.

Conclave Auction Staff

Conclave auction staff assist the auction committee in the smooth operation of the conclave auction. This includes assisting with inventorying and labeling items, sorting items, crowd management, and check-out. 

Conclave auction staff typically work late into Saturday evening assisting with the oral auction.

Conclave Photographer

Conclave photographers take photos during conclave and file them in the section photo archives following the team’s established procedures. 

This position is for those Arrowmen who only wish to serve during conclave. See “Photographer/Videographer” for long-term positions.

Conclave Service Corps

Conclave Service Corps members serve the conclave by providing essential service duties for the host lodge. They are responsible for providing food servers and cleanup, cleanup messes, remove trash and other functions required by the host facility.

Conclave Support Desk

Conclave support desk members provide customer service to conclave guests during the event, both in-person and through electronic methods.

Conclave Trainer

Conclave trainers plan and lead one or more training session on Saturday morning of conclave. 

Additional time is required to plan and set up each training class.

Content Writer

Content writers are responsible for writing content for section publications including, but not limited to, the section website, Section Scoop, conclave promotions, and social media posts. 

Arrowmen serving as content writers should be comfortable writing, doing research, using proper spelling and grammar, and styling and formatting conventions. 

Content Adviser

The content adviser directly advises the content lead and advisers other advisers and in the content division of the Comms Team.

See “Content Lead” responsibilities for more information.

Content Lead

The content lead is responsible for leading the entire content division of the comms team, which includes the areas of written content, photo/video, and graphic design. 

The content lead works directly with the publication lead and Comms Team lead to plan and assign content to content creators, review and edit content, approve content following the team project workflow, and ensure content deadlines are met. 

The content lead may be required to also create content to assist team members in meeting deadlines. 

E-News Lead

The E-News lead is responsible for section E-News publications.

The E-News lead works with other team members and content creators to plan out and assign content for section e-news publications, compiles content into the final publication, and approves the publication following the team project workflow. 

Graphic Design Adviser

The graphic design adviser directly advises the graphic design lead and graphic designers.

See the description for graphic design lead and graphic designers for more information.

Graphic Design Lead

The graphic design lead is responsible for leading the graphic designers.

The graphic design lead assigns graphic design projects to graphic designers, ensures all branding and styling guidelines are followed, edits and approves graphics following the team project workflow, and ensures deadlines are met.

The graphic design lead may also be required to create graphics. 

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers make graphics as assigned, follow all branding and styling guidelines, and meet deadlines. 

The section has access to graphic design software so members do not have to have their own.

Mobile App Team Member

Mobile app team member work with other content and publication teams to develop and maintain the conclave mobile app. 

This position runs from June through the end of conclave in September. Members are expected to attend conclave.

Photo/Video Lead

The photo/video lead is responsible for leading the photo/video team.

The photo/video lead assigns photographers and videographers to work on projects or at events, ensures deadlines are met, and ensures photos/videos are compiled and filed according to team procedures.

This individual may also be required to take photos/videos as well.

Photographer / Videographer

Photographers and videographers take photos/videos at Order of the Arrow events, editing them, if necessary, and upload them to the section photo archives for future use.

Arrowmen serving as photographers / videographers are expected to have their own equipment (phone cameras are fine). 

Publications Adviser

The publications adviser directly advises the publications lead and advisers other advisers and in the publications division of the Comms Team.

See “Publications Lead” description for more information.

Publications Lead

The publications lead is responsible for leading the entire publications division of the team, which includes social media, web, E-News, and other publications. 

The publications lead works directly with the content lead and Comms Team lead to plan section publications, ensure publication deadlines are met, assign team members to projects, and approve publications following the team project workflow. The publication lead is also responsible for compiling completed content into the final publication.

Shows Team Member

Shows team members assist the shows team in operating the conclave shows on Friday and Saturday nights. Team members may assist with set up, tear down, camera operation, sound/lighting, and more.

Social Media Adviser

The social media adviser directly advises the social media lead and social media team members.

See the description for social media lead and social media team members for more information.

Social Media Lead

The social media lead is responsible for managing the social media team.

The social media lead plans out the social media posting calendar, ensures posts are created in the team project workflow, approves posts, schedules and publishes posts on section social media channels, ensures section social media guidelines are followed, addresses needs and issues on section social media channels, ensures deadlines are met, and provides reports to the team on social growth and goals. 

The Arrowman serving as the social media lead should be a proficient user of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and possible other social media platforms. 

Social Media Team Member

Social media team members help run the day-to-day operations of the section social media channels including posting on stories, going live, and moderating accounts. 

Social media team members do not need to be proficient in all platforms. You can be assigned to a specific platform.

The web lead is responsible for leading the web team.

The web lead assigns web projects to team members, approves projects following the team project workflow, and ensures all branding, styling, and safety guidelines are being followed. 

The web lead should have at least a basic understanding of web design, development, and editing. Experience using WordPress and Elementor a plus.

Web Team Member

Web team members assist in updating and maintaining the section website.  

Projects will vary by experience but may include publishing content, editing pages, writing CSS and HTML, tracking metrics, and more.

Written Content Adviser

The written content adviser directly advises the written content lead and content writers. 

See the responsibilities for written content lead and content writer for more information.

Written Content Lead

The written content lead is responsible all written content for section publications.

They process content requests, assign projects to content writers, and review, edit and approve content. 

They also write content to assist content writers and adhere to deadlines.