Section Communications Team

Formed in 2016, the Section G16 Communications Team is a year-round committee responsible for all aspects of the section’s communications and technology systems including all content, publications, branding, promotions, and technical support for the Council of Chiefs.

Mission & Purpose


The mission of the Section G16 Communication Team is to fulfill its purpose as a key component of Section G16, support the communication needs of the section and member lodges, and communicate the message of the section and the Order of the Arrow to all Arrowmen.


Our purpose is to: 

  • Maintain and translate the section’s brand to its audience
  • Provide communication support, resources, and training to Arrowmen and committees in the section
  • Connect Arrowmen across the section through multiple communication platforms and publications
  • Share the message of the section and the Order of the Arrow to all audiences
  • Expose Arrowmen to new skills through hands-on experience under the guidance of capable and knowledgeable adults.

Team Organization

The section comms team consists of several sub-teams and is led by youth Arrowmen and supported by adult advisers. 

Below is the basic structure of the Section G16 Communications Team. 

Team Leadership

Truman Grace

Youth Lead / Section Secretary
Wauna La-Mon'tay Lodge

Matthew Shumway

Team Lead Adviser
Tsisqan Lodge

Join the Team

The team is always in need of new members, both youth and adult, regardless of skill level. A youth who is interested in learning a new skill set is just as important and valuable as someone with years of experience. Part of our purpose is to provide youth with hands-on experience. 

We are looking for Arrowmen who currently have or are interested in learning about the following skills: 

  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Project management
  • Content planning and publications
  • Photography
  • Video editing
  • Social media
  • Website development editing

A list of open positions are available on the section volunteer page and you can apply for positions on the team directly from there.

Contact the Comms Team

Have a question, comment, or idea about section communications? Contact the comms team at

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