2022 Lo La’Qam Geela Crater Lake Service Project Recap

On August 6th, Lo La Qam Geela Lodge hosted a service project at Crater Lake National Park. The air was clean, and the sun was shining as the small group began the project as early as 8 in the morning. Everyone was enthusiastic about what was to come.

Trail delineation was the main focus of the project. We used large rocks to create a path along the Rim Trail, which circumferences the lake. The group built the trail to be four and a half feet wide for about 350 ft. We entered the task with the goal to run the rangers out of rock, and we did.

The crew was split in half to work on opposite ends. A couple of people dug little ditches in order for others to set the rocks in. At the end of the project, you could tell the difference between the groups based on how the rocks were organized.

Over the course of the project, PCT hikers tested out the trail and were surprised with nectarines, peaches, and many other fresh fruit and vegetables at our station. Most of the hikers were from Europe, and they were delighted with the trail magic we provided. Some of the hikers were from other lodges and asked about how we ran ours. It was nice to meet so many different people from so many different places. It made the project ten times more enjoyable.

Overall, the Crater Lake Service Project was a success! We finished the main task at hand and were able to help others at the same time. Hopefully, we can make it even better next year!

“This was the best service project I’ve ever done!” — Shelbi Banton