2023 Induction Season is Here

Spring is well underway and that means induction season has arrived here in Section G16. All of our member lodges have induction weekends planned in the coming months. Induction weekends are a great opportunity for current Arrowmen to rededicate themselves to the ideals of our Order by attending an Ordeal ceremony, serving as an Elangomat, sweating through a day of service alongside candidates, or just showing their enthusiasm and excitement as they widen the circle to welcome new members into the lodge. Every single Arrowmen across the country has one thing in common; they have each completed the induction. Take the time to attend an induction this spring and share your induction story with the next generation of Arrowmen. 

Here is what our lodge’s have planned for this year’s spring induction season.

Lo La'Qam Geela

Lo La’Qam Geela is holding two induction weekends this spring. The first will be June 2-4 at Camp McLoughlin and the second will be the following weekend on June 9-11 at Camp Riggs. We look forward to seeing everyone there and welcoming our new members!


Calling all Arrowmen! Join us at Camp Baker on June 16th for Tsisqan Lodge’s Spring Induction. It’ll be a fun filled weekend of cheerful service, fellowship, and amazing food. We will also have our annual Vigil callout and induction of our new Vigil candidates. We hope to see you there!

Wauna La-Mon'tay

This year Wauna La-Mon’tay will have three spring inductions and one fall induction as usual. Our first spring induction will take place at the great Camp Meriwether on May 20-22. The second will be two weeks later at Camp Baldwin on June 2-4. Two weeks following the Baldwin Induction comes our final induction of the spring at Camp Pioneer on June 16-18. Our fall induction will be from September 22-24 at Aubrey Watzek Lodge. This will be our first time having an induction weekend at one of our winter lodges, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes!

With all four inductions in mind, I cannot wait to kick off induction season in May! We’re going to have a great year, especially with our Induction Masters having been trained at WICC. It’s also going to be a great experience for our candidates and lodge members. Lots of work has been put into these inductions, and I cannot wait for them to come to fruition. — Mason Lewallen, Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge Chief

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