2023 Lo La’Qam Geela Spring Fellowship Recap

In the last week of April, Lo La’Qam Geela Lodge hosted their Spring Fellowship at Camp Latgawa. The weekend was packed with lots of cheerful service, brotherhood, and fellowship. The lodge followed Lola as she explored the wonders of Hollywood.

 Throughout the weekend, lodge members participated in charades, tag, jeopardy, board games, puzzles, a costume contest, and a service project. The Jeopardy questions rose in difficulty to answer them. Some of the questions required binge watching movies like you didn’t have any other hobby. Some of our more seasoned members enjoyed their mornings with coffee, breakfast, and one of the various 1,000 piece puzzles we found along with the camp. Everyone had a blast with the activities the LEC planned. Many of the members had a great time seeing people they haven’t seen since November of 2022, building fellowship within the lodge. 

Saturday morning, we helped the camp by clearing the pathways of sticks and sweeping the majority of the lodges. The camp looked significantly cleaner after the work was done. Everyone enjoyed giving back to the camp with their friends. 

The lodge is also proud to say we gained 18 new brotherhood members throughout the weekend as well. Their hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated and treasured. Each of them provide something to our lodge that we cherish. 

Overall, the lodge’s Spring Fellowship was action packed with service, fellowship, brotherhood, and fun! We cannot thank everyone enough for attending, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the inductions!

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