2023 Tsisqan Spring Induction Recap

Tsisqan Lodge held its Spring Induction Weekend on June 16-18 at Camp Baker where over 80 members gathered for an induction-packed weekend. 

Friday night kicked off with candidates excitedly arriving at camp and breaking out into their crews for the weekend. After some short ice breakers, the candidates were off to their first ceremony and the next step in their journey in becoming members of the Order of the Arrow. 

On Saturday, candidates and members were awakened to chirping birds and sunshine, marking the beginning of a full day ahead. After breakfast, it was time to provide cheerful service to camp to get it ready for summer camp in the coming weeks. The members and candidates worked tireless throughout the day clearing trailers, cleaning up campsites, repairing facilities, and many other projects around camp. Together, they contributed over 800 hours of service to the camp! 

During lunch, Oregon Trail Council Scout Executive Scott Impecoven presented Arrowmen Ian Freel of Eugene the council’s Eagle Scout Project of the Year Award. There was also a brief introduction of the family of Richard ‘Dick’ Biesanz, a long-time lodge member who passed away in 2022. A small memorial service for the family and some lodge friends was held privately at a remote location of camp in honor of the many years Mr. Biesanz gave to Camp Baker and Tsisqan Lodge. During dinner, there was another small ceremony to remember the lives and contributions to Scouting of Mr. Biesanz and another member of the lodge, Walt Biddle, who also passed away in 2022. 

Late in the afternoon, the 33 candidates, tired from the arduous work of the day, hiked to the lodge ceremonial grounds where they were welcomed into the circle and became members of Tsisqan Lodge and the Order of the Arrow. The now new members, with their bright white sashes across their shoulders, ran back to camp for a quick orientation to the lodge and the moment they had all been waiting for, a dinner feast of chicken, salad, rolls, and cake. 

While the new members were learning about the OA and the lodge, nine other members were sealing their membership in the Order by becoming Brotherhood members! 

Saturday night came to a close with the annual lodge Vigil Honor callout ceremony. Tsisqan Lodge called out three Arrowmen to receive the Vigil Honor —  Jeffrey Varga, Peyton Miller, and Ian Wakeling — who were further recognized on Sunday morning with the presentation of their Vigil names following the completion of their Vigil Honor induction. 

After a jam-packed weekend of welcoming new members at every level, the lodge closed out another successful induction weekend as they look ahead to their final induction of the year at Camp Melakwa next month and onto conclave in September.