2023 Wauna Inductions & Ceremonies Conference

Hello Fellow Arrowmen!

Wauna La Mon’tay Lodge is hosting an event all about ceremonies and the induction process: WICC, Wauna Inductions and Ceremonies Conference!

WICC will be held at Camp Meriwether on January 27-29 and is open to any Arrowman who is interested in attending. We will have many trainings and workshops teaching about everything to do with inductions! There will be places for ceremonialists, Elangomats, and induction staff, whether you have done this role before or not.

If you are interested in getting your start in the induction world, WICC is the place for you! If you’ve been a part of our community for a while, WICC still has something to offer you. If you just started learning a part in a ceremony, at WICC we will have to option to certify parts that you know! We will also have a fireside chat with a special guest, Bill Hartman! He is the founder of the Elangomat Program and the modern induction. With his insights on the writing of the ceremonies, to our fabulous teachers, there will be something for everyone! I hope you will join us to light the WICC and keep it burning!


Rai Istook
2023 WICC Chairman