2024 Tsisqan Service Weekend

Tsisqan Lodge’s Service Weekend is just around the corner! April 19-21 will host a full weekend of service and fellowship. As per tradition, the event is free to attend, and all are encouraged to participate in providing cheerful service to Camp Baker, preparing it for summer camp and conclave!

This Service Weekend will be a great opportunity for people to step up and lead. Lots of the lodge leadership will be at NLS/DYLC, so other members of the lodge will have a chance to get some quality leadership experience.

With the cost of the event being free, Service Weekend is also a great time to go through Brotherhood! Brotherhood is an important step in every Arrowman’s journey, and Service Weekend is a great time to reflect on your Ordeal as you work on Brotherhood attainment.

In addition, the Rendezvous committee will be making some important decisions about Oregon Trail Council’s upcoming Rendezvous. Tsisqan will be providing a campfire ceremony, a station for the day’s activities, and a camp-wide game. Decisions on all of these will be finalized at Service Weekend, so it’s a great opportunity to provide helpful input.

On Friday night, after arrival, there will be a practice campfire program for Rendezvous. Bring your skits, songs, and stories, and be prepared for a fun program to accompany cracker barrel. What fun new skits can you contribute?

Between service for Camp Baker, Brotherhood attainment, and a campfire program, Service Weekend will be teeming with fellowship! You won’t want to miss out on this important event!

Conclave Registration is NOW OPEN!