Chiefly Speaking – June 2023


Summer is here! Now it is time to seek new opportunities to help you grow. It could be getting more involved with your chapter or lodge or unit. The OA is all about opportunities that are waiting just for you.

With each of us welcoming new members into our lodges, this calls for us to help our new members take the next step into their experience of the OA. Through engaging activities and providing new opportunities. This is the key to getting Arrowmen involved. Activation is a crucial part in the journey of an Arrowmen when they are first inducted into the Order until they are active members. It is our job to spark their interest and make it a great experience.

I am so excited that conclave is only months away. As we come closer to the conclave, I can feel the excitement. With your section officers doing dares, when we hit certain registration marks. We want to see as many of you as possible at this conclave. Our COC has been working hard to ensure that this will be one of the most memorable conclaves you will see. So what are you waiting for? Register today!


Yours in WWW,

Benjamin Flores
2023 Section G16 Chief

Conclave Registration is NOW OPEN!