Lo La’Qam Geela 2022 In Review

It has been a pleasure being a part of the progress the lodge has made in this 2022 year. The lodge has grown tremendously thanks to the hard work of all the Arrowmen and especially for the LEC. This year, they have accomplished a great feat, moving past the huge block experienced for two years.

At Spring Fellowship, it was a small gathering, and it was the first step into progress. It was a weekend where everyone bonded through board games, cornhole, and washing dishes. We all had fun. We were continuing to build that sense of family that this lodge prides itself on.

In the spring induction season, our membership grew. Years of backlog on eligible Scouts finally caught up, and we had so many Scouts attend the first two inductions. While it was an adjustment to a much larger number of candidates, we made it, and I’m glad we had to make that adjustment. Hopefully, they loved their induction and the food so much that they wanted to come back.

In the summer, a small number of the lodge attended NOAC 2022. That week at the University of Tennessee was unforgettable.  Everyone splurged on patch trading, made connections with people from across the country, and made a numerous amount of memories. The four LEC members that attended were even able to participate in the shows on a stage in front of thousands of people. Never have I ever felt such pride for being in the lodge of the firebird! Everyone that went to NOAC 2022 cannot wait to go back!

After NOAC, the lodge helped out Crater Lake National Park by partaking in trail delineation along the Pacific Crest Trail. While Arrowmen and Scouts moved rocks and leveled dirt, they also provided a station for Pacific Crest Trail hikers to stop and refill water or eat fresh food like fruits and vegetables. Some of the hikers were even from different lodges within the country! In a short eight hours, the small team moved many rocks to define the rim trail to protect wildlife, and some of them even completed their service hours to become inducted during the fall season.

The fall induction season was not as big as the spring, but the lodge still increased nonetheless. It is important to focus on getting more members inducted in order to keep the lodge moving forward. New leadership will eventually have to be filled. Both Arrowmen and newly inducted candidates were looking forward to Fall Fellowship after a long day of hard work helping out our council camps. 

Ever since it was decided that we would do a Star Wars themed Fall Fellowship, everyone has hyped it up, especially to the new Arrowmen. All of the talking was worth it because everyone came after hearing about it. The weekend was filled with lightsaber fights, trivia, T-shirt decorating, and a wonderful celebration of this past year. 

This year has been one for the books, and next year is going to be even better. Thank you everyone who has made it possible! We cannot wait to see everyone next year!

Words From the New Lodge Chief of the Past Year:

This past year has been my first being fully immersed in the opportunities the OA has to offer. Through multiple weekends and weeks I have spent with amazing people, my connection to this organization has grown, and I just can’t turn away. I am so lucky to have made the memories I have, and I am looking forward to helping facilitate those for new and returning Arrowmen this following year. Thank you everyone! I cannot wait to see you all next year!

— Nadia Zawinsky, 2022-2023 Lo La’Qam Geela Lodge Chief

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