New Section Website

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Section G16 website! 


Why the change?

To ease the burden on sections, the national OA technology committee has asked all sections to move their websites to a new nationally-hosted platform. This move will require less technical maintenance of the website, ultimately allowing our comms team volunteers to focus on other projects to better serve the section. 


What exactly is changing? 

The overall website has some updated design changes and updated content, but mostly remains unchanged from our previous site. 

The biggest change is the web address. The virtual home of Section G16 is now located at

Additionally, the old conclave website, mobile app site, and section trading post have been shut down. Conclave information is now included in the new website. The conclave mobile app will be moving to a new platform. The online trading post will remain closed until further notice, eventually returning on a new platform.

A huge thank you to the section comms team for their hard work to set up the new site design and migrate content over from the old site. 


Make sure to update your bookmarks to .

Conclave Registration is NOW OPEN!