New Year Messages from Around the Section

We asked youth and adult leaders around the section about their experiences in 2020 and goals for 2021. 

What was the biggest lesson you learned in 2021?

“It’s never too late to rekindle the spirit of OA membership and participation.” — Richard Salsbury, Tsisqan Lodge Membership Adviser

“Everything will be ok as long as I’m being honest with myself.” — Ryo Takei, Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge, Section W-1S Vice Chief

“Take action for the things you want.” — Daniel Storksen, Tsisqan Lodge Membership Vice Chief

“How we view and address the changes around us depends greatly on which pair of glasses we choose to wear that day.” — Cheryl Hunker, Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge, Associate Section Adviser

“Being patient.” — Vincent F. Bishop, Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge, Section Adviser

What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

“I am looking forward to completing my Eagle Scout, finishing up with school, and working at summer camp again.” — Jackson McCullough, Tsisqan Lodge Chief
“The comfort of brotherhood. The light of cheerfulness. The satisfaction of service.” — Mark Stueve, Tsisqan Lodge Adviser
“Attending lodge events in person.” — Ian Wakeling, Tsisqan Lodge, Wacoma Hanas Chapter Ceremonies Vice Chief
“I look forward to graduating high school and going to college next fall.” — Benjamin Flores, Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge, Section W-1S Secretary