Top 20 Things to Do at Conclave

Conclave is one of the greatest events an Arrowman can attend. It is the only time each year where we come together as an entire section. Hundreds of Arrowmen gather for a weekend of fun, fellowship, reflection, learning, and excitement. Every conclave is a little different, ensuring that there is something for everyone, from the newest Ordeal member to the most seasoned conclave staffer. 

While packed full of fun, conclave can also be overwhelming with so much going on. We want everyone to make the most of their time at conclave so we have compiled a “top 20” list of things to do at conclave this year to help guide your conclave experience.

  1. Learn a new skill or hobby in the conclave training program. The conclave training program features dozens of classes ranging from ceremony skills training to various hobbies and career interest topics. Every Arrowmen should take the opportunity to learn something new during the three hours of training time on Saturday morning of conclave.
  2. Have fun with the afternoon activities and competitions. Saturday afternoon is all about fun! Featuring tons of fun activities and competitions ranging from escape rooms to ‘80s themed competitions, there is something for everyone to enjoy.
  3. Compete in the Conclave Wide Game. The conclave wide game brings together various elements of conclave in a weekend-long chapter competition. Get together with your chapter members to earn points and come out on top of the competition.
  4. Attend the evening shows. The evening shows are many Arrowmen’s favorite part of conclave. Our Friday night show will get everyone up to speed with all that is happening at conclave and some fun on-stage entertainment. The Saturday night show features award presentations, a weekend recap, and a special theme show.
  5. Meet a national officer. Conclave is an awesome opportunity to meet a national officer. This year, participants will have the opportunity to meet the 2023 Gateway Region Chief Michael Whitford. Make sure to keep your eye out for him during the event.
  6. Enjoy some free snacks. In addition to all the fun activities on Saturday afternoon, there will be several snacks scattered throughout the conclave site. Get yourself some tasty cotton candy or a snow cone or maybe a bag of popcorn.
  7. Learn about our history at the section museum. Interested in learning about the history of the section or our member lodges? Check out the section museum during conclave for informative and interactive displays on our history.
  8. Bid high and bid often at the conclave auction. The silent and oral auctions at conclave are a great way to snag some cool items while supporting the section. Thanks to our amazing donors, we have all kinds of items up for bid including patches, Scouting memorabilia, camping equipment, and much more. All proceeds support the section’s year-round operations.
  9. Enjoy some great food. Our cook crew will be serving up four great meals from the campus cafe.
  10. Attend a special event. There are several special events during conclave that we recommend checking out, especially if you are a new Arrowman. Check out the Friday night VIA Gathering or Saturday VIA Luncheon.
  11. Trade a patch. Conclave is a great opportunity to enjoy the wonderful world of patch trading. Trade some patches with other Arrowmen from around the section to complete your collection or just make a new friend.
  12. Earn the Spirit Award. The Spirit Award encourages Arrowmen to make the most of their conclave experience by completing a series of tasks. Complete the requirements and earn a patch. It’s that simple and a fun activity to do throughout conclave.
  13. Explore the conclave mobile app. The conclave app is your ultimate guide for everything at conclave. It will deliver up-to-date information throughout the event. Check out the schedule to see when things are happening. Use the map to find a specific activity or training class. Receive push notifications for timely updates and alerts from the event. The app will be available on Google Play the App Store for download starting a few days before the event.
  14. Caucus with your lodge during the section elections. Each year at conclave, the youth gather to elect the new section officers for the next year. Meet up with your lodge and cast your vote for the next leaders of our section. Adults are encouraged to attend a special adult Q&A forum.
  15. Learn about future events in our Order. Conclave is a great opportunity to learn about upcoming events happening around the section and across the nation. Come and learn about NOAC 2024 or NLS. All three of our lodges have open invitations for their Fall Fellowship events and conclave is a great place to learn about them.
  16. Make new friends. Hundreds of Arrowmen from across the section gather for conclave each year making it an amazing opportunity to meet new people or reconnect with a friend made at last year’s conclave. Conclave is a great place to enjoy some good ‘ole fellowship.
  17. Explore a college campus. This year’s conclave is located on the beautiful Rogue Community College Redwood Campus. Interested in seeing what a community college is all about? Make sure to explore the campus while at conclave.
  18. Get involved in the theme. The conclave theme is “That ‘80s Conclave” and the more you get into the theme, the more fun there is to be had. Dress up in ‘80s attire. Bring an ‘80s game to share with your friends. Practice up on your ‘80s lingo. Getting into the theme can add that extra layer of fun to conclave.
  19. Find the original Dutch Bros. Grants Pass is home to the original Dutch Bros. coffee. Make sure to stop in and grab a drink on your way to or from conclave… or both. We won’t judge.
  20. Find out where the 2024 Section G16 Conclave will be held. The best conclave is always the next one! Attend the closing show on Saturday night to find out where the 2024 Section G16 Conclave will be held. 

Conclave Registration is NOW OPEN!